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What is Our Vision, Mission and Purpose for gathering at First Baptist, New Bern?


Our Vision Statement is:First we love.  Our Mission Statement is: First, we seek to love God, others, then self, according to the model of Christ.


The unique way in which we seek to fulfill the Vision and Mission of our church is by participating in opportunities to enhance our listening to God through love, then learning from God in love, and finally enhancing the linking of our minds, actions and desires to and through the love of God. We must receive God's love first before we can link/connect appropriately to neighbors or creation. Almost simultaneously, we seek to create and participate in opportunties to listen to our neighbors in love, learn about them and where God is at work in their lives through love, and then link or connect more appropriately to them by connecting to God's loving work in their lives. God's love for us is required to be shared and given away! Attempting to link to God or neighbor without listening and learning first is arrogant and the opposite of humility! Jesus is the only one who can teach us how to listen, learn and link appropriately to God and neighbor. Love, joy and peace come from proper listening, learning and linking to both God and neighbor. If we leave either God or neighbor out of this equation, then our lives will be incomplete and out of tandem with Christ.


The above Vision and Mission statements, and the fulfillment of executing them by listening, learning and linking to God and neighbor through love is in accordance with our Constitution under the Article II. Purpose section:


The Church shall be organized for the purpose of promoting the worship of God through the reading and study of the Holy Bible as the revealed Word of God; teaching and preaching of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; conducting regular services of worship for the spiritual training, development, and benefit of each member; and winning souls to Jesus Christ.


The Church shall be a dynamic spiritual body, missionary in spirit, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to share Christ with and to minister to as many people as possible in our Church and community, and throughout the world.


It shall exist to sustain the ordinances, doctrines and ethics set forth in the New Testament for The Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to channel its offerings to support the work of the Kingdom of God.


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