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Youth at Cape Lookout

Sloppy Games 2010

Part of Cuba Mission Team

The Main Thing


The Youth Ministry at FBC New Bern exists to embrace

students in significant relationships with Christ, Community and self:
  • Meeting them wherever they are.
  • Teaching them what is in God's Word and building them up within the local church.
  • Empowering them to do whatever they are gifted to do.


Keeping The Main Thing the Main Thing



1. EXALT Jesus Christ Above All Else.
This is the overarching principle in our ministry and the "hub" or center of the disciple making process. Our ultimate goal is to make sure Christ alone is the one we celebrate and worship.

2. EMBRACE Students in Relationships.
Our first "step" in the disciple making process is to embrace students in accepting relationships. We want to continue the ministry Christ began - embracing who he would embrace - anyone within reach.

3. EXTEND the Good News of God's Grace.
Our ministry will give attention to developing an evangelistic mentality within the community of our students as we strive to be discipled and make disciples.

4. EQUIP Students for Maturity and Service.
Making disciples is ultimately carried out through the ministry of the local church as the community of believers grows together in maturity and apply their spiritual gifts for the growth and unity of the body.