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Men's First Light Gathering


Every Wednesday morning men of all ages gather at 6:30 AM in the Church Parlour for one hour. There is time for sharing of prayer requests followed by prayer. Then the men are led  in a discussion regarding consecutive chapters of a particular book that the men have selected. We reflect openly on the week's chapter seeking to discern how the chapter relates God's presence to the ordinary experiences of our daily lives. All men are invited to participate! 




Disaster Relief


Click here to see what NC Baptist Men are doing right now. We have over 60 men and women who are trained in Disaster Relief in our church. All donations given to the church will go directly to the NC Baptist Men Disaster Relief for Haiti!

NC Baptist Haiti Update- 1-19-2010

Currently, North Carolina Baptists have a medical team of 7 in Haiti.  They had to fly into the Dominican Republic but were able to get into Haiti on Friday (1-15-2010). They have been working hard at a hospital and meeting many needs in Haiti since Friday.

Another medical team is leaving today and will be there Jan. 19-Jan. 28.  They will go ahead and fly to the Dominican Republic and drive across the border into Haiti. There are 10 people on this team. They are taking many needed medical items into Haiti. Right now the needs are medical and very specialized, but in the future we will have many more opportunities for volunteers with other skills to be used in Haiti.
We are looking at being involved in Haiti for a long time.

At this time we are accepting monetary donations only.  You may do this in several ways:

  • Go to our website www.ncmissions.org, click on the button Donate Now.  This will direct you to a Disaster Relief page.  Under Donations, click on 'go to NCBM Haiti Relief'. You will be taken to a page that shows the option of donating in several different monetary denominations.  Follow the instructions.
  • On the convention website (www.ncbaptist.org), there is a button on the right side of the home page which will direct persons to a place where they may donate via a credit card.  This is the same donation section as on the NCBM website.
  • You may send a check to:

NC Baptist Men
PO Box 1107
Cary, NC  27512

Please mark the check Haiti Disaster Relief Efforts

Please keep updated with the NCBM's ministry to Haiti by following us on our website ncmissions.org, on Twitter at http://twitter.com/NCBMHaitiReliefor become a fan on Facebook at ncbmhaitirelief.

Please continue to pray for the people who were affected by the earthquake and pray for the volunteers who are and will be going to help.

Thank you, In Christ,