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Discipleship 2015/16 

Believe is an outstanding curriculum that leads each participant through a unique spiritual growth experience.  We will be able to walk through 10 key beliefs of the Christian faith, the 10 key practices of a Jesus-follower, and the 10 key virtues that characterize someone who is becoming more like Jesus. 


As we move through this program each of us will be encouraged to ask three questions:  






Each week we will use topical passages from Scripture to help us fully live out the story of the Bible.  Each week, by walking through the Scripture, we will learn over and over again that what you believe drives everything we say and do.The foundation of this study will help us create a strong foundation of Belief as a community. Together, as a church, we will grow towards Christ and towards each other.  We will know what we believe and exactly why we believe it.  


Preschool, Children,  Preteen, Youth Discipleship 

The preschool, children, preteens and youth will use a corresponding curriculum as they begin to discuss what they believe and why they believe it. I think you’ll agree, this is truly a wonderful gift to give our children! 


  • The first section, Think, encourages us to learn to think like Jesus.
  • The second section, Act, teaches us how to fulfill the mission to love God and to love our neighbor better.
  • The last section, Be, will help to instill the ten key virtues God desires to see developed in our lives. 


The curriculum is designed to be family friendly so that the learning continues all week.  Parents will be encouraged to share what they are learning, read weekly family pages, and schedule time together outside of church to reflect upon and implement the week’s lessons. This study is meant to engage us in church and when we are home.  


We hope you will make Wednesdays nights and this program of Believe a priority this fall.  We are excited for our personal growth, our growth as families, and our growth as a church community.